In-House Packing Services

In-House Packing Services

In-House Packing Services

If you decide to give Top Notch Moving Solutions Inc. the honor of packing your goods, know that our packers are the most skilled an highly trained within the industry.

We have designed our packing services with our customers in mind, understanding that packing goods with care, while at the same time packing goods in a timely fashion is essential, and valued by our loyal customers.

What Can You Expect From Michigan’s Favorite Packing and Moving Service?

  • Using the right paper to wrap in cushion the bottom of the boxes, so your glassware, collectibles and antiques make it from origin to destination in the same condition.
  • Trained packers, skilled in knowing the right size box to fit the perfect item.
  • Our packers leave nothing to chance from even wrapping your purses to shoes individually if need be.

Top Notch Moving Solutions Packers are trained to make sure every box with room and contents are labeled all the way down to the T.V remote, to having a parts box for all the items dissembled, for an easy assemble at destination.

Now That’s the Top Notch Advantage!

Call us today for a instant quote at (734) 667-2025 or simply complete the form on our 60 sec. quote page here!

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